Millennials Perspective: Be Your Own Boss

In the final episode of this series (check out episode one here) we have Ayomide! I have known her for many years now and she is the epitome of motivation and being your own boss! Not only does she work her 9-5 but she runs 3… yes I said THREE other platforms which are doing well! All of them are included below, please go and check them out and show some support!

Below she discusses the sacrifices she’s had to make as well as some insight on how she manages it all, she offers some great advice as well as some books that have helped her while she is on this journey. Check out her Youtube Channel too!



What are your main goals?

To be financially free and leave a legacy for women and my family. I want  to show them that it’s possible to be an amazing mother, wife and successful business owner.

What is your job and your side hustle?

I currently work 9-5 in media as an account manager. I’m also a Mary Kay beauty consultant soon to be sales director(currently a senior consultant). I teach skincare, makeup application and mentor women on how to make money and to become confident and connected. I am the founder of  Browniekissesxo which is currently a handbag company that gives  you luxe bags which are affordable and are for women with style and class. Also started a motivational platform ‘sheplansherfuture’ that encourages women to enter the entrepreneurial space and be their own boss, this platform will have video content coming very soon! 

How do you manage it all and what have you learnt about yourself?

The most difficult things for me is finding balance and remaining consistent, especially after a long and tiring day from work. What I have learnt about myself is that, I have the ability to dream, but remaining consistent is very difficult. I have also realised that when I write down bigger goals and dreams for me to reach it motivates me to work harder, planning is key! 

Have you made any sacrifices?

Yes a lot, my social life is currently non existent. Not to say that I don’t have friends but I really wanted to give myself a year off just to reflect on myself and my performance. I don’t go out anymore, mainly because my focus is different, I’m trying to save more, I want to be a home owner and I want to start seeing more results in my business without any distractions. I also promised that I wouldn’t travel this year unless it is with family. 


Advice for anyone on the same path as you?

I would say to keep organised, have a physical diary, have a mentor or close friend you can speak to about your business and life with. As a christian I believe God places dreams in your heart for you to achieve them. They will happen on his terms and be the best blessing if you remain consistent. Remember your dream isn’t attached to somebody else’s dream.

Lastly any books/apps that you recommend?

The big leap, Smart women finish rich, Jesus and Jollof podcast, Mary Kay autobiography & Shoe Dog


Ayomide Magbagbeola

I want to finish off by saying thank you so much to Ayomide for being a part of this series! Watching your growth is amazing, such an inspiration, keep doing you sis!
Christabel Chinouriri

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