Going Bad On ‘Em – Valentines Day Date Night Outfit!

So the day of love is coming up and for the third time around she(as in I) is very single! Whats even better is I do not care, it just seems to be an extra day to celebrate and love myself, try it, it’s not too bad. If you have a significant other I found this dress on pretty little thing, it is clearly inspired by Kylie Jenners birthday dress (only much more affordable) and it looks great on. I have linked all of  the items that I am wearing, also check out my 21 buttons profile (mschristabelc). Don’t forget to follow me on instagram (mschristabelc) to check out my valentines make up look on IGTV.

Bag: ASOS sphere bag
Dress: Pretty Little Thing Dress 
Shoes: These are from public desire and have sold out but I found a print pair that I would definitely wear with this dress right here

You can still get this dress on time if you get it for next day delivery and don’t forget to check out the video below! X


Pictures shot by: Christabel Chinouriri

Video and Filmed and edited by: Christabel Chinouriri


Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 13.15.47


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