My Venice Solo Trip (pictures and highlight vlog)

So Venice is mostly known as one of the greatest destinations for a romantic getaway, but it has been on my travel list for the longest time and this year I decided to treat myself for my birthday. Not going to lie I did think it was going to be awkward seeing all these couples etc and it really wasn’t.

I even met a couple of girls who were on a solo trip and a woman from America who was so lovely and explained that she started travelling alone recently and wishes she would have done it sooner! I had an amazing time and Venice will be seeing me again!

The food was 10/10 if you are on a budget and still want some good food I would 100% recommend Dal Moro’s  a pot of pasta is on average 7euros and it is filling and delicious!

I’ve added some pictures and a quick highlight vlog for you all to enjoy, do not forget to watch it in HD, dont forget to also check out my  Venice Holiday Lookbook




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Venice Holiday Lookbook

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 13.15.47

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