Madeira, One of the best solo travel destinations (Review & Photos)

If you follow me on instagram you will be aware of my recent solo trip was to Madeira, Portugal, I had an amazing time! I shared many pictures and videos on instagram (stories and feed) and received a few DMs asking for a review and if I would recommend it and the answer is ABSOLUTELY.

I went to Madeira from 22nd November to 26th November, the weather was good apart from rain one day which did not last long and had cleared by 11AM. I was also informed to refrain from travelling there in August as it is the hottest month and unbearable to undertake any excursions.

Flights & Accommodation, £370 (flights, baggage and accommodation)

I surprisingly purchased the whole holiday as a package from British Airways, I wasn’t aware they offered holiday packages and I am glad they offered this deal as a last minute package the flights were of course by British Airways(highly recommend, however easy jet and other airlines tend to have cheaper flights) and the accommodation was the Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa (5 Star).

Savoy Saccharum (Rating 9/10)

This hotel is located in Calheta which is 45 minutes away from the airport and 30 minutes away from the centre of Funchal (they offer a daily transfer to the centre which leaves at 10:00am and returns 16:30/18:00 for 20 euros). Calheta is the best place for relaxing as it is a quiet area with gorgeous scenery.

The food at this hotel is fantastic, the breakfast was great (pancakes are 10/10) and the room service was also really good,I highly recommend trying out the apple tart! I would also highly recommend the a la carte restaurant, the food was amazing, Deborah(another solo traveller that I met) had to take a picture with the chef!

I have given this hotel a 9/10 as I didn’t get to experience the spa which is also an extra 20 euros for access but other than that everything else was great. The infinity pool was the best place to chill enjoy the view and read a great book!



Food (Rating 10/10)

If you know me you know food is my first love… no seriously it really is! Food is everything to me. The food in Madeira was so fresh and flavourful, madeira is big on seafood and they have the best fish dishes, my favourite restaurant was the Solar Da Santola which had amazing views and great food! 10/10

The food is also reasonably priced, the most I spent on a meal (main, dessert and drink) was 30 euros which was about £26.58 using my revolut card with the least being 16 euros (main, dessert and drink).



Excursions (Rating 9/10)

I had initially booked this holiday to stay at the hotel and just relax, little did I know I learnt that I am a busy body and prefer exploring! I managed to go around Funchal and  looking back I would have regretted it if I didn’t. Funchal is beautiful the views are outstanding and the people are lovely! I managed to take the cable cars up to the mountains, get on the hop on off bus, visit the famous farmers market and enjoy some amazing views! I cannot wait to visit Madeira again and undertake the famous walks and go to the sky walking glass!


My Overall Experience (10/10)

I would highly recommend solo travellers to put down Madeira as a destination on their list, I had a great time and created amazing memories, also met two wonderful solo female travellers who I now keep in contact with! Life is too short if you want to travel and have been hesitating maybe choose Madeira as your first destination!

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