3 Tips for Solo Female Travellers!

I have always wanted to travel and when I decided to ignore my fear and take the leap (as they say). I booked my first ever solo trip to Phuket, Thailand and I was mad at myself for not doing it earlier.

I have taken another solo trip since and will be taking another one shortly before the end of the year and thought as I love travelling I would share some tips that I have stuck to and work so well for me.

It is so important to research the country/area that you are going to visit, I tend to shortlist it to 3 countries and then I go on the government website to read the up to date travel advise.

The government website gives a summary on areas like terrorism , the amount of people that have travelled within the last year and whether the trips were trouble free, road safety,  the nearest british embassy and what type of insurance you will need to travel to the country.

There are MANY female travel blogs and influencers that give great advice for many of the countries that you wish to go to, I have also emailed one beforehand directly from her blog and she was more than happy to help.

I use websites like bookings.com for reviews when it comes to the accommodation I chose, it also includes a ‘solo traveller’ rating which is great and extremely helpful!

Ive also realised places like British Airways and Easyjet have great package holiday deals so do not forget to look into them before booking.

p.s removing cookies and using an incognito tab tends to also show cheaper deals…


After you have chosen your destination you should then organise your transfer(from airport to hotel) and  the type of activities you can undertake. Paying for activities beforehand can also save you a coin or two as there are always some deals online. Websites like trip advisor, expedia and booking.com are heaven sent when it comes to reviews that you can trust!
Organising your days beforehand makes the trip so much easier. You will be familiar with the companies in the area and you will know what to expect, when I went to Phuket I emailed the company that would be taking me to the phi phi islands before my trip and they were so welcoming when I arrived and also gave me tips on how to save money as well as the cheapest taxi’s to use!


I always advise to travel with two cards(kept separately) as well as little cash for small items like water, snacks and taxis etc. I am a HUGE fan of both Monzo and Revolut cards and have used them both abroad, so far Revolut seem to have the best exchange rates.
As many of you may know pick pocketing is common in many countries so I would suggest travelling with one card and keeping the other in your hotel/accommodation safe and only travelling with the amount of money you may need for that day, if you do become a victim of pick pocketing it is extremely easy to cancel the cards using the apps and transferring the money onto the other card.


Please, please, please enjoy yourself and do not forget to take as many selfies as possible, also self timer will become your best friend!



p.s I follow these two girls on instagram and they are GOALS when it comes to solo travelling you will definitely learn a lot more from them:

@black.kintsugi  & @char_x.o

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